Our Process

Together, we engage in an immersive design process to leverage our collective expertise.

Backed by a conviction to do better work, we blend inquiry and exploration to resolve design problems.


Our process begins with rigorous inquiry and careful listening to understand your project, your goals, challenges and opportunities to explore. Together, we look for patterns and insights that provide context to solve your design problem. There will be times of uncertainty, but together, we can embrace these critical moments knowing they allow for innovation. Uncertainty forces us to move beyond the unknown and rely on immersive research to guide design solutions.


This collaborative exploration phase leverages the knowledge gained through research, creating solutions to test and scrutinize through the lens of the project’s goals. As a result, your project is responsive to the specifics of site, place, material and time. In addition, we utilize our expertise in performance-based design to test the developing concepts. The data generated demonstrates how quality of life improves, how operational costs are affected and how natural resources are stewarded. The intent of this iterative process is to utilize research to narrow our focus onto a single solution.


Here, uncertainty gives way to clarity and focus. The result is a convergence of function, economy, performance and beauty developed through our collaborative process. Together, we will have achieved a successful design resolution that transcends your project’s goals.

Critical Practice

We are more than a collection of architects. We are a team of creative thinkers that seek to learn from our world and elevate the practice of architecture.

We view design through the critical lenses of integrity and responsibility, both to our craft and to our community. We are peers, not competitors — a public resource seeking to better our world through our work.


As designers of the built environment, it is our responsibility to be better stewards of our planet’s natural resources throughout the entire design process.

We believe sustainability should be approached in a holistic manner, which includes responsible decision-making in every aspect of the project. By considering key elements such as user interaction, material impact, building permanance, culture, economy and preservation, it’s our ultimate goal to design in a responsible way that can meet the ever-changing needs of both the end user and the environment. We call this modest concept the BVH Responsible Approach. As a means of fostering this approach, we have adopted the AIA 2030 Commitment to track and reduce energy consumption in our built environments.

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Sustainability should be approached holistically with consideration to performance, context, ecology, health and many other factors. It is not about checking off a list but truly connecting the building with the environment in a positive way. It is about thinking beyond the walls of the building and extending the impact a project can have on your community.


We embrace the preservation of architecture and seek to create architecture worthy of preservation.

Historically, we have engaged in the design and preservation of our built environment through the architectural design and adaptive reuse of existing structures. While cultural values continue to adapt to a world of changing resources, it only solidifies our long-held belief in learning from, protecting and extending what we already have. By approaching each project as a solution to future problems, we can ensure the preservation of tomorrow’s buildings by designing better architecture today.

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Thought Leadership

Our entire culture is built around the next generation of thought leaders that will grow us in our design thinking.

Our design studio is run with the mentality that every team member has a highest and best purpose, and when put in that position, they will elevate the entire studio’s purpose. We cultivate Thought Leaders within the studio to help push us through research, exploration and encouraging deeper examination of the practice of architecture.

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