National Architecture Week: Civic Engagement

In our 50 year history, we have worked on almost every kind of project. We’ve built schools and churches and dorms. We’ve built residential homes and supermarkets and museums. But even though, over the long years, we’ve designed and built almost every kind of structure, for every kind of purpose, there is a thread that has never changed: our passion for historic preservation.

For three generations, our architects have advocated on behalf of preserving our built environment. Our efforts have helped save historic buildings from demolition, helped raise others up for recognition in places like the registry of endangered places, and secured fundings for the restoration of buildings to be enjoyed by many future generations.

Our efforts and passion have led us to work on buildings for the Smithsonian, restore turn-of-the-century murals in a courthouse in our own backyard,  build fountains in the Nebraska State Capitol just as Bertram Goodhue intended, and many more projects to count. These days even involve a lot of highway miles as we go to St. Louis to help bring the iconic Arch back to its original luster.

We do all of this not for the recognition or for the bragging rights; rather we believe indelibly in the importance of saving and cherishing our history, in our own backyard in Nebraska and across the country. All too often buildings are torn down because the cost to restore them can be prohibitive or because there is a lack of vision for what could be. But we believe there is almost always a solution to helps keep the character of our nation and our communities as it should be.