Designing a Flexible Framework

A master plan is a creative blend of design considerations, strategic planning, and facility forecasting fueled by consistent input. BVH uses direct feedback to help consider how the space is used currently, and how it may be used in the future.

BVH has developed a master plan process that has been refined over years that works as an efficient and effective tool for gathering input, analyzing the information, and ultimately developing vigorous design solutions for schools, churches, and campuses alike.

The master plan ultimately becomes a guide, much like a roadmap; it provides a direction, a planned destination, but allows flexibility to adjust to the economy and environment in the coming years and even decades.


A Proven Template

Each masterplanning effort is different but each one starts with an initial meeting to identify the major components of the project: your mission and vision, goals and aspirations, participants, the process, and a schedule. By specifically identifying these pieces, BVH can begin to understand the larger moving parts to your church, school, college campus, or historic district.

We facilitate a participatory process for the constituents, stakeholders, and community partners of the project to provide input and visioning for the future of the facilities.  BVH will work with you to develop space needs, plans, a budget, and timeline to address the implementation of the plan.  See the process detail below.

Our Process:

Client & Program introduction

Existing Condition Survey

Facility Review & Code Compliance

Program Verification & Data Gathering

Conceptual Options

Schematic Plan Presentation

Final Masterplan Document



We Can Help Design Your Future

Designing a Framework

We work with you to help determine wants and needs and working with the community to build involvement.

Phasing & Fundraising

Outlining needs and costs while creating tools to help raise funding.

Gaining Consensus

Working with the community to come to the best solution.

Key Projects

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