Introducing Design That.

Kristine Dorn

We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the RESPONSIBILITY to our future.

George Bernard Shaw

This year, BVH is celebrating 50 years as a firm. That’s 50 years of designing, creating, learning, and living. As anyone does 

when reaching a milestone like this, we have taken a moment to reflect on the journey we have taken as a Firm over the last 50 years. Just as we started in March 1968, BVH continues to be a design-centric studio of people passionate about architecture and the clients and partners we collaborate with.

We have always felt a sense of responsibility for the future and the communities in which we live and work, and that sense of responsibility truly resonates with us. It was this sense of responsibility to the environment that fueled P.U.L.P.  

Inspired by 50 years of responsible design, BVH is launching a new initiative to continue to make our communities a better place. Design That. is a community project that identifies and solves problems with design. With this initiative, we hope to help find solutions to problems that could spur workforce development, increase economic stability, connect people and resources, and add beauty to our community. One of BVH’s core values is a commitment to people, and that doesn’t just mean our own staff. That means the people around us who occupy the buildings we build and the spaces we create.

How are projects selected?

We have a small team who will vet projects, to ensure that they align with these criteria:

  • Growing workforce development
  • Contributing to economic stability
  • Connecting people to resources
  • Adding beauty to communities

Getting Started

We’ve partnered with the South of Downtown Association in Lincoln and the Omaha Municipal Land Bank to help on some key initiatives they have upcoming. 

Visit to learn more and find out to get involved.