Giving Back in 2020

What would you do with $25,000 if you had the chance to give it back to your community?

We decided to answer that question in 2020. BVH decided to take $25,000 to give back to the communities we call home, in Omaha, Lincoln, and Denver.









So where do you start? We charged an internal team with this question, and they started with the simple decision to allocate funds to Foodbank for the Heartland, the Lincoln Foodbank, and Foodbank of the Rockies, because we know that food insecurity is at unprecedented levels.

Then: why not look to our core values? People, Knowledge, and Wonder. Many of the organizations we ultimately chose we have been lucky to work with or give our time to over the past several decades.









For People, we gave to ABIDE and InCOMMON in Omaha, People’s City Mission and City Impact in Lincoln, and Judi’s House and the Women’s Bean Project in Denver.









For Knowledge, we gave to Restoration Exchange in Omaha, the Lincoln Community Foundation and Preservation Association of Lincoln in Lincoln, and the Emily Griffith Foundation in Denver.









For Wonder, we allocated funds to the Great Plains Black History Museum and Amplify Arts in Omaha, the Lincoln Arts Council and Lincoln Community Playhouse in Lincoln, and the Park People and Denver Architectural Foundation in Denver.

While we know that these gifts may not scratch the surface of need for many of these organizations hit hard during this tumultuous year. It was challenging to choose only these few, as we know so many need aid.