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The thought of renovations, new buildings, and planning for the future can feel challenging. But it doesn’t have to. Partnering with BVH can help you find the tools you need to dream, plan, and build for your future. From master planning to renovations to new construction, we can help make your goals achievable.


Having a dream is important. Figuring out what functional spaces, what special opportunities exist to help guide both you and the students you serve to a closer connection with God is the most important challenge.


And that doesn’t just mean building a new sanctuary or chapel. It means other spaces, like communal areas, residence halls, or church offices. In their own way, they are just as important. So we encourage you to dream: How do you envision the future?


This process doesn’t have to be intimidating; that’s where we can help.


Build on an existing framework. Find a new site. Renovate a beloved area to make it fit your growing needs. These paths are all possible. The important part is how to create intentional spaces where students and clergy can live and grow their faith, particularly students who are learning how their faith fits into their adult lives.


The creation of a master plan lays a roadmap and adds depth to your dreams for your church. Or start with a feasibility study, which can create opportunities for revenue generation to help pay for needed additions or improvements. Once you have a goal to look toward, the rest of the pieces more easily fall into place.


It’s an exceptional opportunity to see the dreaming and planning come to fruition. This is also the chance to involve your local community, encouraging them to come together to build the space that will suit their needs and their faith.


Creating spaces for the sacred in an increasingly secular world, while giving the space that students and church members need to experience and grow their faith and community, is vital.

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