Congratulations to New Associates and Senior Associate

As we continue to grow as a firm, we believe that is important to recognize the contributions of individuals who are making a difference in the work we do every day. With that, we are excited to announce recent promotions within the firm. Please join us in congratulating them!


Will Corcoran joined BVH 2.5 years ago, and has quickly emerged as a leader. He is a proactive problem solver, and an excellent and generous designer. Will’s motto is, “don’t bring me problems, bring me solutions,” which extends into how he leads by example with his teams. As a mentor, his disposition and patience gives him the opportunity to teach younger architects and designers. Will’s presence and communication with clients is outstanding, and he continues to build relationships with clients that will be there for years to come.

Tristan Vetter has been with BVH since 2013 and has increasingly become a go-to person across our studios. Tristan’s underlying knowledge in technical assemblies, his design ideas, proactive communication, and commitment and conviction to strong design execution translate to an ability to execute efficiently and effectively with a high standard. Tristan takes a strong role in our BIM processes and is an important voice in developing our technology standards across the firm.

Cynthia Ray joined BVH as an interior designer in 2016. Cynthia quickly established herself as a talented and nuanced designer and over the past year has taken an active role in business development and community outreach. Cynthia’s passion for design and knowledge-sharing have made her an essential part of the team, and her mentorship to other designers continually helps them to grow. Cynthia’s connections in communities across Nebraska and her commitment to education have quickly led her to become a trusted member of the business development team, helping to more projects and pursuits forward.

Senior Associate

Amy Dishman is a passionate, talented, and desired team member. Teammates look to her for guidance and mentorship, especially with her focus on sustainable interiors. She excels in developing and documenting projects and possesses a confident voice with clients. Amy has helped propel BVH’s sustainability focus forward, and continues to be a strong advocate for sustainable materials and practices. In a little over five years, Amy has helped BVH develop a strong interiors department and helped craft a furniture design services team that has become its own revenue stream and a consistent service we are able to offer to deliver a comprehensively designed project.