BVH Kids!

Hailee Abegglen

2020 has brought many challenges that affect all employees, including their children. Our world and social interactions create a balance in our environment; schools operate 8-5 so that parents can operate 8-5. When schools and summer camps close this 8-5 schedule is been disrupted for everyone. Parents are trying to juggle not only teaching, but lunches, project deadlines, writing proposals, and breaking up sibling fights. As this list goes on,  you might notice your once friendly co-worker is turning into someone who is running on low steam.

BVH  has a culture rooted in people – and that includes our families. When assessing what was going on with our staff’s work/life balance, I realized that it’s the small things that go a long way. Our BVH kids are looking for their normal routine just as much as the adults, which led me to creating the BVH Kids Summer Program. 

I knew this program would not truly replace the summer activities and camps that the kids were used to, but when times get tough, it’s the little things that count. 

Keeping education and excitement at the forefront of this program was key, along with some friendly competition.I set up weekly mail deliveries to each kid that had activities and surprises inside – we all know how exciting it is to just get mail! 

The BVH Kids program consisted of fort building, reading competitions, arts and crafts, and some interactive classes held via Zoom! Keeping kids off the screen was important, but so is building social skills. I hosted a BVH Kids Zoom every other week so that kids could share about their latest adventures and activities. We also had a canvas painting class and cooking class via Zoom. Providing one hour of interaction week along with activities throughout set the kids up for something to look forward to and for parents to have one less activity to plan!

Overall we had some major success! Our reading program winner read 28 books and over 6,000 pages! Our fort building competition shed light to how architects and designers were passing their talents on to their children. Best interiors and roofing structure were awarded. As I bring back this experience and assess the BVH culture, I believe this sheds light on our core values. We were able to highlight our core value of People but also provided knowledge and wonder for our youngest BVHers!