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BVH Goes to Philadelphia

Clay Lewis

Every few years, our entire firm embarks on a retreat together outside of Nebraska. The experience allows us to reconnect with our organizational goals and explore another city and its urban fabric together. As you’ve read in previous posts, we’ve had a lot of exciting changes this year – many of which set the foundation for BVH’s future. Our retreat to Philadelphia is central to the success of these changes and allows us to further practice what we state in our core beliefs.

As an example of our Commitment to People, the Philadelphia trip offers the opportunity to celebrate ourselves for the exceptional work we’ve completed in 2016. We’ll reflect on what went well and discuss what we can do in 2017 to contribute to the experience of working at BVH. It also allows us to recharge and have a well-deserved respite. Most importantly, removing ourselves from the studio for a few days allows the opportunity to experience one another in unique ways not always possible in our busy day-to-day environment.

This trip also contributes to our Pursuit of Knowledge. Few places are more significant from both an architectural and historical standpoint than the City of Brotherly Love. It has been written that Philadelphia is a colonial town with architecture that spans the centuries. When an environment conducive to learning and an itinerary including critical practice discussions, touring the workspace of an acclaimed architecture firm, planned excursions and private access to see one of the world’s preeminent collections of impressionist and modernist paintings housed in an amazingly beautiful structure collide it will be next to impossible not to achieve pursuit of knowledge.

Lastly, we challenge everyone at BVH to respond and share their comments on how our trip to Philadelphia contributed to or created a Sense of Wonder. What is it that we saw, learned, smelled, heard, experienced or shared while in Philadelphia that can be used in our attempt to provide design excellence through the combination of function, economy, performance and beauty?

Those outside of BVH can follow our Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram pages to see photos and videos posted by BVH staff while in Philadelphia.