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Announcing Three New Principals in Our Firm


“To exemplify excellence” is a term that has been tossed around so often it has gone beyond cliché and all but been lost to semantic satiation. Every day, you hear of someone who has exemplified excellence in their city, community or career. And everyone understands it to mean the same thing: that he or she has done a good job. That’s where we’re wrong.

To exemplify excellence goes beyond doing a good job. It means to excel, to be outstanding, exceptionally great or extremely high quality. This is important to distinguish because the people written about in this blog post haven’t just done a good job. They’ve truly exemplified excellence.

For their continuous contributions of excellence to BVH, and to the architecture and design profession, we are excited to announce that Kristine Dorn, IIDA, Dennis Coudriet, AIA, and Cleve Reeves, AIA, have been made principals in the firm. All three individuals embody our core beliefs and have continuously contributed to a Commitment to People, the Pursuit of Knowledge and a Sense of Wonder.

Together, they have added successful projects to our firm’s portfolio including Lifegate Church, the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, the Sawmill Building, Chadron State College and more. They have lead people, projects and others in the industry to a higher standard of quality and have earned the respect of their peers in the industry.

They will join the other five principals to make decisions for the future of BVH and further our studios’ contributions to the profession as a whole.

Kristine, who started with BVH in 2005, has a background in both marketing and interior design, and a passion for coaching people toward their highest and best purpose. Possessing both the strategic vision and energetic optimism necessary to be an effective leader, Kristine has become a mentor both inside and outside the studio. She has an impressive ability to rally large groups of people to unite and work together to solve challenges. Kristine’s design industry knowledge and ability to understand how business decisions impact people make her an exceptional asset to the firm.

Dennis has been a practicing architect for more than 20 years. He began his career at BVH in 2000, and has since become a design leader within the firm. His interests in design focus around the social aspect of architecture and how it relates to human nature. He enjoys working with clients to create a solution uniquely fitting for people’s needs, the site and context. Currently, Dennis is an adjunct professor at University of Nebraska – Lincoln’s College of Architecture. His commitment to design excellence and developing up-and-coming talent makes him a leader in a firm and an essential addition to our team.

Joining BVH in 1999, Cleve’s interest in architecture extends beyond aesthetics and focuses on the experience people have when encountering a space. Whether it includes enlightening moments or areas of respite, it’s about making a beautiful experience. He is a recognized thought leader in 21st Century learning environments and has designed numerous educational environments. His community involvement includes active participation in the arts community, and has served on the boards of the Lincoln Community Playhouse and the Lincoln Arts Council. He has been an adjunct professor and guest critic at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln’s College of Architecture. Cleve’s dedication to clients, project design and developing new talent makes him an exceptional leader in the firm.

Please help us in celebrating these individuals and recognizing the excellence they exemplify both inside and outside of the studio. Feel free to send them an email or give them a call. They would love to hear from you.