Dolly Samples

Finance Administrator
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Dolly Samples

Finance Administrator

Dolly has worked in accounting at BVH for close to two decades. Previously, she lived in San Antonio, Texas, where she worked for architecture firm Garza Bomberger & Associates. She grew up in Odell, Nebraska, and attended the University of Nebraska–Lincoln for college in pre-med.

The architecture side of designing buildings has always interested her, and being support staff, she enjoys seeing the business side of architecture. Thirteen years later, she is still in the architecture field as support staff/accounting administrator for BVH.

Dolly is an avid dog lover, and her biggest hobby right now is dog sitting. She sits for friends, colleagues and acquaintances. She also enjoys having children, around and it’s a well-known secret that any kid that comes into BVH can find candy at Dolly’s desk.

What is the favorite place you have visited?
Puerto Rico.

What are you optimistic about?
I’m optimistic about the USA becoming more of a leader in the world.

How do you engage your community?
The Lincoln half marathon goes by my house, and I contribute to the water stations. I also assist with various family charities.