Darin Hanigan, AIAS

Project Coordinator / Associate
Key Projects:

Darin Hanigan, AIAS

Project Coordinator / Associate

For 10 years, Darin has worked on a variety of projects that range in scale from large University of Nebraska–Lincoln housing projects to small school renovations. His focus on building client relationships and attention to detail are two distinguishable attributes. Born and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska, he has always had an appreciation for the Midwest and the people who live here. He graduated from Pius X High School, attended Nebraska Wesleyan, has an associate degree from Southeast Community College and a bachelor’s in Business Management from Peru State. He is currently pursuing his Master of Architecture at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s College of Architecture.

Darin started his career at Architectural Design Associates in Lincoln, where he gained considerable knowledge about the industry. After seven years with ADA, he joined BVH in 2006 seeking an opportunity at a design-driven firm with the option of working on higher-level design work. His passion for design and design thinking has elevated through his years at BVH, and that pursuant is still underway as he has just finished his first year of master’s work at UNL.

Since starting back to school, Darin has stepped up to the challenge of balancing work, school and family. He is married with two kids, one son-in-law and two grandchildren. Hailey, his only child at home, is 11, and despite his busy schedule, he ensures he puts family first. When not in the studio, he enjoys spending time golfing, biking and sketching.

What is your favorite place you have visited?
Manhattan Beach, California.

What are you optimistic about?
Gaining a greater knowledge and appreciation for the process and working with clients that share similar design values.

How do you engage your community?
I am active in our church and outreach programs.

What is your area of interest or research?
Primary education and pushing the limits to create great learning environments for students.

What is your inspiration?
My inspiration is my family and the love and support I have received in my pursuit of something I love.