Charles Weak, AIAS

Architectural Intern
Key Projects:
  • Scooter's Headquarters, Omaha, NE
  • Springfield Methodist Church, Omaha, NE
  • Holy Trinity Church, Omaha, NE

Charles Weak, AIAS

Architectural Intern

Charles joined BVH in May 2017. He graduated from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln with a Bachelor’s in Architecture in Spring 2016 He begins his final year of graduate school at the University of Michigan in the fall of 2017. While at the University of Nebraska, Charles represented the College of Architecture as its representative to the Association of Students at the University of Nebraska (ASUN), where he helped bring awareness to mental health issues that architecture and design students face. He also was an active participant in Dance Marathon UNL, Big Event UNL, AIAS and the COA advisory board. At the University of Michigan, he is a social chair for the Architecture Representative Committee.

Charles has an interest in the role that graphics and typology play in current design paradigms. He’s particularly interested in exploring the intrinsic systems of everyday life to gain insight into the spaces that disrupt them.

Outside of work Charles likes going to shows at the Waiting Room in Benson, reading books about graphic design, architecture and post-capitalism, and trying his best to get back in shape.


What is your favorite place you have visited?
Sintra, Portugal

What are you optimistic about?
I’m optimistic about the role that form and graphics have in generating new typologies in the built environment.

How do you engage in your community?
In undergrad, I was heavily active in promoting mental health awareness. This summer, I plan to connect with Habitat for Humanity.

What is your area of interest or research?
My area of interest concerns the intersection of graphics with material and tectonics, and the new formal realities that are brought forth.

What is your inspiration?
The intrinsic structure to what we consider real and the small disruptions that break us from that consistency.